[Publication] France should do more to help scientists become entrepreneurs, report says

Elisabeth Pain published yesterday in Science an article about scientific entrepreneurship in France. The author discusses the Beylat-Tambourin report that was released on Tuesday 14th February.

France’s Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Thierry Mandon, announced simplification rules for academics who wants to start an entrepreneurship adventure.

The authors of the report, Jean-Luc Beylat, president of Nokia Bell Labs France and Pierre Tambourin, general director of the biotech biocluster Genopole in Evry reviewed the law on innovation and research of 1999 (Loi Allègre).

“France isn’t the hotbed of innovation it would like to be, and one reason is that scientific research has traditionally been done by public servants, who rarely start a company to turn their discoveries into new products or services. A 1999 law that aimed to change that by stimulating entrepreneurship has not had the intended effects, according to a report released on Tuesday” – Science Feb. 16th 2017


Read the article of Elisabeth Pain online on the Website of Science.

Download the Beylat-Tambourin report

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